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Mayor Bill Peduto

Our POTUS’s decision to not stand with the Paris Climate agreement was upsetting to me, to say the least, so it seems fitting that the first thank you I write goes to Mayor Bill Peduto:

For anyone who would like also like to write, Mayor Peduto’s address is:

The Office of Mayor William Peduto

512 City County Building  

414 Grant Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

I have made it my goal to show my support for America as a nation in any note I write to those who hold political office.  I think the disappointment I have with the political system right now, is if you are liberal there is a sense of it not being “reasonable” to be patriotic.  But patriotism is a unifying banner beneath which we can rally our messages.  Think of the images of lady liberty posted after the proposed travel ban:

Jamie Hu @quiversarrow Twitter

Let’s channel that powerful feeling of liberty and justice for all that is the bedrock of the American ideology.