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Mayor Bill Peduto

Our POTUS’s decision to not stand with the Paris Climate agreement was upsetting to me, to say the least, so it seems fitting that the first thank you I write goes to Mayor Bill Peduto:

For anyone who would like also like to write, Mayor Peduto’s address is:

The Office of Mayor William Peduto

512 City County Building  

414 Grant Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

I have made it my goal to show my support for America as a nation in any note I write to those who hold political office.  I think the disappointment I have with the political system right now, is if you are liberal there is a sense of it not being “reasonable” to be patriotic.  But patriotism is a unifying banner beneath which we can rally our messages.  Think of the images of lady liberty posted after the proposed travel ban:

Jamie Hu @quiversarrow Twitter

Let’s channel that powerful feeling of liberty and justice for all that is the bedrock of the American ideology.


What is the Thank You Project?

Did you know that the progress that we experience is imagined?  I’m currently reading Sapiens by Yuval Harari, and one of the points he makes repeatedly is that our society is made of of imagined orders and values.  Capitalism, money, progress, are all ideas that humans have and put into practice.

The big kicker here is progress.  What is progress?  You may think that rising through the ranks at your company is progress, or that equal rights for women and blacks is progress.  You may think that spreading your religion is progress or making sure that all of your friends have read Harry Potter is progress.  Progress is a very personal imagined belief that depends on your values, which are also imagined.

Great ideas of progress are those that are imagined as a community.  Liberty and world peace  – these are widely accepted views of progress. If we didn’t have a group to support and spread our ideas of progress, there would be no progress.

My mission is to promote my vision of progress to the world.  I hope the progress I envision is shared by many people!  Below I have written a list of what I consider progress:

The Global Village:  This is the idea that as our communication network increases the distance between our cultures decreases.   We share values with people in other countries across the world.  As we progress, and our communication network becomes more and more robust, the distance between cultures lesson.  This homogenization is progress.

Equal Treatment for All: This is the idea that all human beings have the right to “Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness”.  This is not limited by race, gender, religion, sexuality, or income.

A Healthy Environment:  There is no debate anymore.  Climate change is a fact of life that we must address.  And it’s not just climate change; oil spills, water contamination, must be eliminated, and environmental diversity must be preserved.

Universal State- run Public Education: All human beings on this planet should have access to education.  For some people, this may take different forms than others. However, the betterment of our society depends on the education of it’s people, and no nation or people should be left out.

Why I am saying Thank You.

Have you ever noticed that the more someone is angry at you, the harder it is to fix what you are doing?  However, the more you are thanked, the easier it is to do something. Not only is it easier, it is something you look forward to doing, because then you know you will be thanked some more!

There are so many unsung heroes of this world. People who fight, day in and day out for the types of progress that I have listed above.  Personally, I don’t see myself as a hero.  I have a job, a family, and a couple neat hobbies.  However, when I see progress in the world I can light up and celebrate.  I can take the time to sit down and write a card that says, “Hey, you were great!  Keep doing that!”

Why I am using American Flag Cards

I am American, and I am a patriot.  I believe that America is a great nation because we always battle on for the progress that I have listed above.  Even if we don’t see it in our current leadership, day in and day out we as citizens do our best to push forward, little by little, to see our country succeed.

When I say thank you, no matter where I am sending my card, I am a US Citizen, a representative for our nation.  And I am proud of it.